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Sleep Hygiene Tips For Better Sleep
 Sleep Hygiene  Tips for Better Sleep
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Sleep Hygiene Tips for Better Sleep
"Sleep hygiene" - this can be defined as habits that can help us to sleep or stop us from sleeping. If you or someone you know is having trouble sleeping you can try to change or include some of the things on this list and see if it helps. • No TV/computer games 1 hour before bed. No TV s in bedrooms • Monitor mobile phone use in bed • No coke/caffeine, high sugar or high spicy food 3-4 hours before bed • Ensure relaxing and regular bed time routine - special time with children, relaxation techniques such as breathing • No vigorous exercise 1 hour before bed - it raises the body temperature • Finish eating 2-3 hours before bed - digestion competes with sleeping - hot milk is OK • Make sure the bedroom is comfortable (temperature, light, noise) • Set bedtimes and wake times - try and keep these regular • Learn to relax - deal with worry and stress • Use a sleep diary to check how many hours you are sleeping - Are you sleeping enough? Convince children that it is important to sleep well - Reward them for complying with bedtime rules Above are some tips for maintaining sleep hygiene to get better sleep.
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