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We, at the Neurology and Sleep Centre, are always eager to help patients with their neurology or sleep related problems. Over the years, we’ve seen many cases ranging from everyday normal to rare conditions. In each case, we’ve strived to provide comfort and relief to the patient as quickly and effectively as possible. And patients have always reciprocated with a deep and humbling gratitude as appreciation for our efforts. We’d like to share with you a few of the interesting stories over the years.

Felt there is improvement in my child and I am very happy that I got him treated by Dr.Bhatia.
–Mr. Tanwani

Dr Sonakshi is an extremely patient listener. Her method of counselling really helped my insomnia.

I have finally been able to wean myself off medications for sleep that I was hooked on to for years. All thanks to Sonakshi.
–Ms. AS

Sonakshi is a very patient listener. She helped me gain a new perspective of issues in my life and I really benefitted from her sessions.
–Ms. PS

Dr Sonakshi is a non judgemental and skillful therapist who knows how to handle her client's issues well. I was undergoing a lot of stress when I started seeing her. She has brought a lot of positive changes to my well being and quality of life.
–Ms. PG

I was happy with the assistance of the Staff and the treatment by doctor.

The technician was excellent and makes ensured I was comfortable through the night.
–Ms. Medhani

We founf Dr.Manvir Bhatia very comfortable and kind in nature and also her staff was very cooperative.
–Mr. Aziz

Dr.Manvir is extremely professional and definitely know what she is doing great.
–Ms. Mitra

Excellent Service and systematic check ups and professional staff.
–Ms. Lovina

Excellent Service by professional staff and well behavior by the receptionist. Impressive consultation by Dr.Bhatia.

Thank You Doctor for the professional advice and support. Everyone is very helpful and supportive.

Nicely taken care by doctor and staff, Very Pleasant staff.

Quality of Service is truly appreciated.
–Ms Chopra

Service is really wonderful and Dr.Bhatia is very kind and approachable.

Extremely patient and empathetic approach by the doctor.
–Ms Mitra

Very attentive staff who explained the procedure in detail. Both the technician did everything to make the situation comfortable - Extremely professional.

Supporting staff. Quiet relaxed after conversation with the doctor. Thank you.
–Ms. T.S

Service is really wonderful. Dr. Bhatia is very kind and approachable.
– Dr. R.K-

Excellent experience. Technicians are very wonderful in conducting there task. Thanks.
– Mr. P.D-

My family has been coming for a decade. Dr. Bhatia is like family. Thanks.
– Mr. J.M-

Very satisfied with the doctor, her patience level and interest in patient in exemplary. Thanks.
– Mr. S.A-

Very nice staff! Thank you for an easy experience with tests.
– Ms. U.C -

Very nice and caring staff. They explain the procedure very nicely.
– Mr. R.G-

Exceptionally good Sleep Centre for diagnosis and treatment.
– Mr. R.P-

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