yes, a very tight one. Sleep plays a vital role in all stages of memory processing- receiving info, storage, and retrieval. Thus if sleep quality is poor, memory is affected.
Saw a 48 years old male patient who complained of forgetfulness- could not remember the name of the movie after he walked out of the hall. Though he could drive to my clinic but could not remember the way that he had come .He admitted to dozing off while sitting in meetings and occ. the phone would slip from his hand while he was talking . He admitted to loud snoring and wife had begun to sleep in a separate bedroom. Taking all the points a diagnosis of OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNOEA was made by me and confirmed by an OVERNIGHT sleep study. He has been advised to use a CPAP regularly while sleeping and in 6 days there has been a marked difference in his alertness, and wife has moved back to the bedroom. This is a typical example of how a simple disease which can very easily be treated , is often missed causing significant impairment in quality of life

sleep and memory ,is there a connection?

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