#‎Sleeping‬ position you adopt in bed can tell a lot about your personality.Have a look on the most common sleep positions and their meanings:

You appear hard faced on the outside but on the inside you are sensitive.

Sociable and laid-back, you are willing to accept and welcome strangers.

Sleeping on your back, with arms by your sides, you have a private and reserved nature and are a bit of a loner.

This bed hogger is an open person, a good listener and a great friend, though you’re not keen on being in the limelight.

A suspicious person with a very rational approach to life.

Appears brash but cannot cope with personal criticism.

However don’t get too hung up on how you sleep in bed! While you may think you sleep in a certain position, the reality is you move between 10 and 12 times per hour – meaning most of us toss and turn as many as 60 or 70 times a night – and more than half of these movements involving major changes in position!


‪#‎Sleeping‬ position

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