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EEG or electroencephalography is a test done to measure electrical activity of the brain. It is done by placing electrodes over scalp and is useful in many neurological conditions, including epilepsy.
Video EEG involves using EEG recording while patient is being monitored with video. This is done to correlate clinical event with EEG changes, and is useful in diagnosing, characterizing, assessing severity etc of epilepsy .
An EEG test is used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain.
This test is painless.
This test duration is 10 to 45 minutes.
A low electric current is introduced to stimulate nerve and this is in microvolt.
You should not feel any side effects from the test, and you can continue with your regular routine for the day.

EMG or electromyography is done to know the electrical activity of the muscles.

NCS or nerve conduction study is done to know the functioning of peripheral nerves.

RNST or repetitive nerve stimulation test is done to evaluate the neuromuscular junction disorders eg. myasthenia.

EPs or evoked potentials are done to evaluate the central conducting pathways of visual, auditory and other peripheral sensations.

ERG or electroretinography is done to evaluate the functioning of retina.